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Just as cell phones, radio station online, GPS and satellite radio TV uses waves to operate. When you tune in online, the transmission is handled digitally through packets. That’s how you “download” everything from the internet, in pieces little by little and then you combine them and get an end result. That’s how online games are downloaded as well, even though you’d think you are not downloading them, you are storing the data you need to start playing immediately, that’s how Microgaming does it as well. Read more about them here

Every grimerton radio station has a big antenna that acts as a transmitter. This is the antenna that sends waves with music or a DJ who speaks. It takes some super-antennas like this because online radio news must be transmitted far away.

Then, each device has a small antenna that acts as a receiver. It can be a small rod that comes out of the car (for radio), or it may be hidden …

Ernst Fredrik Werner Alexanderson

The traditional way to describe technical developments of local radio stations online and their influence on society has followed the most obvious course – a chronological description of those inventions and designs as they become recognized as innovations and are further developed.

Further, this process has often been done in connection with company anniversaries, where naturally the company’s own performance is to the front and where the contributions of individual persons are in the shadow of praise for the company management.

More recently, efforts have been made to remedy this one-sided account, characteristic of Swedish company monographs, and these have tried to reflect the company’s success as a consequence of organizational, technical and economic factors. Examples are LM Ericsson and ASEA – big monographs commemorating the respective company’s 100 year anniversaries. It is interesting also to study how individual inventions have given rise to so-called “genius industries,” for example Alfa-Laval, which was also blessed with a monograph in connection with its 100-year jubilee in 1983.


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The Radio Station in Grimeton

Grimeton Radio Station (call sign SAQ) opened in 1924. Using an idea by Canadian Reginald A. Fessenden, Swedish-born American Ernst Alexanderson developed wireless telegraphy technology that came to be used as local radio stations online.

Today, SAQ, with its alternator and multiple tuned antenna is unique as the only large radio station remaining from the time prior to high-power radio tubes.

In the 1920’s, the industrial race, peace efforts and emigration spurred technological development onward.

In total, eighteen alternators were installed in a global network of longwave stations with its hub on Long Island, New York. After careful calculations, the Swedish station was built at Grimeton, giving the radio waves free passage toward the North Sea and over the Atlantic.

SAQ sent its first transmission on 1 December 1924 on the frequency 16.7 kHz, later adjusted to 17.2 kHz. The radio waves were generated by the alternator – a rotating electromechanical generator – with a transmitting power of 200 kW.

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World Heritage Radio Stations

Produce your account and enroll your live news radio online for free. Broadcasting right out of Amsterdam’s infamous red light area, this on the internet broadcast place has been working due to the fact that 2010, hosting series off regional and also global musicians as well as tossing gatherings. The website showcases a live stream where you may watch DJs like San Correct, Breach and also Interstellar Rut do their point as passers-by possessing a peak in.
Intergalactic FM formed in late 2008 as well as is actually subsequent to internet radio station Cybernetic Television broadcasting Body. The station is run by Interior-Ference a.k.a. DJ as well as developer I-F and devotes itself to the activation, maintenance as well as advertising from (electronic) songs and also DJ society”. The website additionally showcases a live stream where you can enjoy programs coming from Intergalactic Gary, I-F and also Gabbo to name a few.

Produced in 1981 by Jean-François Bizot, Broadcast Nova is actually an essential channel for …