Ernst Fredrik Werner Alexanderson

The traditional way to describe technical developments of local radio stations online and their influence on society has followed the most obvious course – a chronological description of those inventions and designs as they become recognized as innovations and are further developed.

Further, this process has often been done in connection with company anniversaries, where naturally the company’s own performance is to the front and where the contributions of individual persons are in the shadow of praise for the company management.

More recently, efforts have been made to remedy this one-sided account, characteristic of Swedish company monographs, and these have tried to reflect the company’s success as a consequence of organizational, technical and economic factors. Examples are LM Ericsson and ASEA – big monographs commemorating the respective company’s 100 year anniversaries. It is interesting also to study how individual inventions have given rise to so-called “genius industries,” for example Alfa-Laval, which was also blessed with a monograph in connection with its 100-year jubilee in 1983.


It …